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Why Select Us

We directly generate incremental revenue streams

We understand the pressure and dynamics of technology vendors through first hand experience. We tell you how it is and rapidly generate incremental sales for you.

» What you get with BestQuarter

  • A successful team “I was continually amazed with how much your team was able to accomplish in short periods of time” VP Business Development, enterprise software vendor
  • An effective and proven approach to generate new sales
  • Highly experienced, multi-disciplined team
  • Cost-effective, predictable and simple budgeting

» What you DON’T get with BestQuarter

  • Head-hunter fees to recruit and large redundancy payoffs when staff fail to perform
  • Marketing and media relations ‘projects’ subcontracted to companies with no firsthand experience of your technology or target markets
  • Inexperience – you can’t afford to take the risk with an unproved team with no market experience

We directly generate incremental revenue streams

Client Testimonial

  • Webridge
  • Stratus
  • 7BP
  • Margi
  • Wyse
  • Egenera
  • BT
  • USR
  • Digital
  • Conformative