Sell More With Our Virtual Sales and Marketing Team

We generate sales, find new markets and launch new products and services

Virtual sales and marketing team for tech vendors with no extra headcount

Why choose us

Imagine immediately benefiting from an effective sales and marketing team that scales with you to sell more, launch new products, with minimal management and no distractions from your core business.

We enable you to enter new markets and generate incremental revenue streams without having to use any of your existing valuable sales resources.

We are experienced enough to work strategically as well as tactically. Often the best engagements follow from a single high level sales objective that we are given. From that we can execute the necessary market research and devise a tactical sales plan with supporting channel marketing plan to create the demand. 

Think of us as part of your sales and marketing team. We can attend your meetings and report our successes, or act as an independent group that is self standing and simply reports our successes to the Management Team.

Sample Client Experience

  • Egenera
  • Wyse
  • 7BP
  • BT
  • Conformative
  • Digital
  • Margi
  • Stratus
  • USR
  • Webridge

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