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What We Do

We deliver a virtual sales and marketing team dedicated to you. We rapidly build your revenues.

» Virtual sales and marketing team

Based on our extensive industry experience working with vendors ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals, we build a virtual sales and marketing team dedicated to you to deliver the results you want. We directly generate sales and develop new channels to market. Within our team we have extensive sales and marketing skills on tap.

It’s a simple but effective formula for rapid growth. Conquer new markets and quickly build revenues, avoiding the huge overheads and risks of recruitment. We also offer effective solutions when a few months cover is required, for example Maternity Leave and Interim Assignments.

» Creating sales opportunities and incremental revenue streams

  • Position your products / services in the market
  • Identify and recruit appropriate sales channels
  • Implement effective integrated marketing programmes
  • Raise awareness and create opportunities through aggressive media relations
  • Target your prospects
  • Build a sales pipeline and build relationships
  • Build sales opportunities
  • Deliver incremental sales revenues

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Consider using local experts

“Give serious consideration to using third parties with a strong local presence, particularly in the early stages of territorial expansion. Third parties include IT and business process outsourcers, as well as corporate compliance services suppliers that ensure new subsidiaries are properly constituted and remain compliant with local legal and working requirements.

It might be beneficial too, to select a partner that operates across more than one location to smooth the transition to further markets should that be your long-term goal. Likewise, a company offering multiple services under a single agreement is likely to be more cost effective and deliver a higher quality and more integrated service”.
Quote source: TMF Group

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