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Our Background

» Background

  • Each of the core management team has over 25 years experience in sales and marketing, media relations and business development roles in hardware and application technology vendors
  • Seize the opportunity to provide a responsive, comprehensive and effective business development team focussed on getting results for you

» Our objective

  • Build a dedicated virtual team to create sales opportunities and build incremental revenue streams, whilst avoiding the overheads and risks of recruitment
  • With increasing competitiveness in your marketplace, your ability to deliver outstanding solutions and service will need to be continually backed up by world-class sales and services professionalism.

» Questions that you are continually asking yourself

  • Are my sales force equipped to demonstrate our ability to drive top line growth and bottom line savings for our customers?
  • As our customers remain under intense scrutiny to deliver quantified value from all major investments can we clearly demonstrate ROI and pay back period?
  • Is our sales approach focused on demonstrating business value at all levels within our accounts?
  • How do I cost effectively explore new markets?
  • How do we increase average sales value?
  • Can we improve our win:loss ratio?
  • How do we reduce cost of sale?
  • How do we maximise effective face-to-face selling time?


Our Background

With challenging times here to stay and competitors becoming increasing agile, please give consideration to adding our complementary approach to your current strategy.